My Design Philosophy
Design is my first love as an artist.  The simple yet elegant designs are created through thoughtful contemplation of the materials and influenced by a wide array of contemporary works, the Mission style, and Asian influences. My designs are constantly evolving and changing through experimentation with materials, styles, and techniques. I always strive to highlight special features of the wood and materials.
The Materials
Materials vary widely and include the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods harvested from sustainable forests, natural slate, flagstone quarried from Tennessee, handmade paper made by the finest artists,  hand blown glass and copper.  
My Craft
The methods are highest quality woodworking techniques; dovetails, mortise & tenon, etc. but the exploration of alternate materials (Stone, metal, glass) expands my work far beyond traditional woodworking techniques.
The Finished Product
The result is one of a kind quality heirloom furniture and accessories pieces to be passed on from generation to generation.   Examples include clocks, end tables, coffee tables, lamps, cabinets, mirrors, wall shelves, and 2-dimensional sculptures.
The Artist
Marc Lucas is an engineer by training & a self taught woodworker but creating decorative and functional works of art is his passion.